Emphasizing customer satisfaction and response to client needs is our number one priority at MacConel & Dodd. With an extensive background in government accounting and auditing our firm is able to provide exceptional service in the following areas:
Audits of indirect cost pools in accordance with generally accepted accounting Principles (GAAP), Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR), the AASHTO Audit Guide and unique state requirements.
Review of accounting systems to determine acceptability for government contracting purposes, if adequate justification exists to support various rates charged and to determine the contractor’s knowledge regarding government cost eligibility and documentation requirements.
Assistance with the preparation of indirect cost rates for use in the development of cost proposals and to provide for a more accurate billing of costs incurred.
Development of timely and effective cost proposals based on industry standards and in accordance with criteria established in the FAR and the AASHTO Audit Guide.
Timely and knowledgeable assistance in the development of field and home office indirect cost rates.
Consulting and audit services to governmental agencies.
Audit work paper assessments for various state DOTs.
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